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Hmm, the bio... originally from Spring Valley, New York... grew up in a home filled with all types of music... Louis Armstrong transformed me at five... piano studies at seven... trumpet studies and first contact with Miles, Trane, Blue Note, etc. were life changing at nine... local gigs thru school years... moved to Manhattan... attended Mannes College of Music ... more gigs... many types of music...

In my twenties, touring as a member of the bands of Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton and Gerry Mulligan while also subbing on occasion in other large ensembles, I had the good fortune to back Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Griffin, Randy Weston, Richard Davis, Art Blakey, Mel Torme, Stan Getz, Roy Haynes, Nancy Wilson, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, and others. Good fortune too were the many small group gigs in which as a sideman I was able to share bandstands with J. R. Monterose, Sam Jones, Hal Galper, Chuck Loeb, Bob Berg, RIch Perry, Ben Monder, Frankie Dunlop, Arnie Lawrence, Hugh Lawson, Steve Cardenas, and others. Sessions out of public view, on occasion with the likes of Steve Grossman, Jeff Williams, Jaco Pastorius, Abe Speller, Adam Holzman, saxophonist Bill Evans, Dennis Irwin, Mike Hyman, Mulgrew Miller, Bob Moses, Stan Getz, Eliot Zigmund, Mike Stern and many other great players, also afforded me a stellar opportunity to develop.

Still, by the late 1970’s a more personal compositional conception of music within which to frame improvisational work was calling; such an inner presence was already speaking to me as a teen. The recordings I’ve issued under my own name are the unfolding of ideas which demanded learnings which were only slowly assimilated; they in turn enabled my ability to sustain the detail of my music. My debt to great players therefore lives alongside my debt to great composers and the extraordinary scholars whom I continue to study. Formal training not withstanding, I remain essentially an autodidact. In my experience, answers have value only in proportion to questions that rise from within. In sound, score and text, I feel fortunate to know whom to study.

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“Trumpeter Steve Lampert is someone who has also absorbed the ideas of the past and come out sounding very 21st Century......... in the same league as the cutting edge music Dave Douglas and Matthew Shipp are doing today, an experimental collision of sounds that engage the head, heart and groin all at once. This one may slip past the radar, but it definitely deserves a wide hearing.
Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine October 2004
“Lampert’s “Venus Perplexed, an 11-piece suite is the most beguiling music I’ve heard in a long time. That’s partly because it presents a composer equally at home in the sound worlds of Arnold Schoenberg, Conlon Nancarrow, electric-period Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix .....
Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press October 31, 2004 


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